What the ???

by on Jan.30, 2013, under Rants, Religion

Was Reading this -> Stop Validating Ignorance

Really good read about how sad our Education is in this country, but the one that that disturbed me the most was this.

we provide the question:The Earth goes around the sun and takes a year to do it; true or false?Almost every year, 50 percent of the people get that wrong.

What the Hell!!!

1/2 of you asked don’t know the Earth orbits the Sun?
Well actually they orbit the barycenter of the Earth,Moon / Sun, but that barycenter is inside the Radius of the Sun, so we can safely call it Orbiting the Sun.


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The Rainbow

by on Jun.27, 2012, under Rants, Religion

Was checking out Facebook and saw the Oreo post.

Proudly support love!

Rainbow OREO Cookie

Now you may love or hate OREO, you may approve or disapprove of Gay Pride.

But the one thing I noticed is that in normal life People seem to hide their feelings quite well.  But the Rainbow seems to bring out a persons true colors.  If they Hate Gay Pride, but hide it in normal life, online the’ll come out full with both Guns blazing when a corporation post a Rainbow version of their product.  If they Love Gay Pride, they may be your coworker, and you’ll never notice, but online They’ll rave & support the corporation also.

Me, I’m not gay, But if you are, fine.  Your marriage will not effect my marriage any any way.  I’ll let you live your life however you want.  I’ll try to live my live according to my beliefs.   Will I share what I believe with you ?  I might if you ask.  The one thing I will not do is Force you to live by my beliefs if your actions don’t effect me.

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