Real Names

by on Jul.26, 2012, under Rants

First it was Google+ Now it Youtube, next ?

I’m sorry, but I do like a bit of anonymity on the internet. Given how easy it is to look up & find someone by their common name, I really don’t like having to give it out.  Yes My Real Name is common, but my wifes? my Kids ? Are their names also common ?  Why should they also have to post their real name to use Google+ or Youtube?

What’s next clubpenguin requiring your childs real name be used for their character, yea that will be really protective of them.  I’m not sorry I don’t like using my real name.  If you know PGP_Protector as a jerk, then you know to ignore them just as easily you can ignore John Doe.  or bigguy473723.

If you need a real name behind an account, yea I don’t mind that, but people shouldn’t be required to show it at all times.  Heck even a lot of our actors, authors, ect go by pseudonyms.  We’ve survived for ages with that.

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